“A lifetime of experience at the service of men of science”

ARISTÓBULO GÓMEZ RUPÉREZ S.A. is an Argentinean family business trading in all kinds of labware alongside the country.

Its roots date back to 1917, when Mr Nemesio Gómez, a young Spanish immigrant from Extremadura, founded “El Soplete – Gómez Hnos.” in Buenos Aires. But a new path was taken in 1984, when the firm ARISTÓBULO GÓMEZ RUPÉREZ S.A. was established by his son Aristóbulo and descendants, who have uninterruptedly been in the business for a century.

With its wide product range, this company has thus become a market leader cooperating with analytical, research and industrial processes at local laboratories, manufacturing plants and education centres. Aiming at continuous improvement, it also obtained its ISO 9001 Certification in Quality Management in 2014.

Nowadays, all of the almost 25 people who are part of ARISTÓBULO GÓMEZ RUPÉREZ S.A. feel responsible for meeting today’s customers’ needs and work to offer them more and better services.

PRODUCTSWe are direct importers of the most renowned international labware brands and distributors of the main trademarks of the Argentine market.

• Wide range of general laboratory glassware
• Certified volumetric glassware
• Glass tubing
• Quartz products
• Laboratory plasticware
• Porcelainware
• Filterpaper
• Laboratory accessories • Syringes
• pH-measuring paper
• Automatic micropipettes
• Filtering membranes
• Desiccators
• Thermometers, alcohometers, areometers, densimeters, sacharymeters
• Conductimeters, electrodes, pHmeters
• Magnetic stirrers, hot plates, autoclaves, centrifuges, laboratory ovens
• Lab scales
• Spectrophotometers, refractometers, polarimeters, microscopes and other laboratory devices
• Water test kits 

Postal address: Vallejos 4526/28 (1419) Buenos Aires – ARGENTINA
Phone: (+54) (11) 4501 0061 (Fax extension 158)